SS CONSULTING is a family-run company
that simultaneously develops two very different
activities that take life from each other:
the production of fur coats and accessories and commercial and
marketing consultancy in the fashion business.
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Production and distribution

The main business is focused
on the production and
marketing of fur coats and
accessories, sheepskin and
fine and precious leathers.

collections and productions
for third parties for Italian
and international companies
known worldwide.

We draw from tradition
seriousness and passion
combined with great
attention to quality and
details, which we make
extremely actual by
experimenting always with
new design solutions,
processing and production
techniques to make fur
lighter and more practical,
new and innovative,
glamorous and special. 

To offer always the best.

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Commercial and marketing Consultancy

SS CONSULTING provides a complete range of managerial
services and worldwide commercial and marketing
consultancy, with bespoken, custommade solutions
for our clients.

We support and cooperate with companies and
designers in all commercial activities, as well as the ones
related to image and communication, with the aim
of implementing their business in Italy and
abroad with concrete solutions, an expression of the
seriousness, reliability and competence that
distinguish us.

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What Else

In 2018 born SLM LAB, a
brand of fur and sheepskin
coats and accessories, with a
strong personality,
cosmopolitan and
international, designed to
dress a modern, dynamic
woman who is always
attentive to new fashion

SLM LAB is the essence of
sensations, experiences and
passion for the fashion
business together with the
knowledge and important
technical skills acquired in
over 50 years of activity in the fur business.

SS CONSULTING is also a "laboratory" of ideas, collaborations and
co-branding tocreate and promote creative and innovative capsules of
young Italian talents, rigorously made in Italy, made by
specialized artisan

This is how NLNM was born, a streetwear brand that combines Fashion
and Hi-Tech to create items embroidered
with lighting threads that focus the attention to motivational phrases and
hashtags, inspiration of the global society we live in

A truly unique WOW-effect